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How To Calculate DC Home Values

If you’re buying or selling DC real estate, you’ll want to be able to understand how DC home values are calculated.

Each market is different and values can vary widely by neighborhood, street and even portions of a block. Buying and selling trends affect home types such as condos, townhouses and single family homes as well as price points. Values are always changing and are subject to influences such as supply and demand, interest rates, economy, demographic changes, etc.

Once you understand the impact national factors such as interest rates, economy and business growth are making on the market, turn your focus to all things Local.

You’ll want to examine DC inventory, absorption rates, pricing trends, median and average data sets across home types, sales to list price ratios, price per square foot and other applicable measures. Then drill down into the data for the specific home type and location you’re targeting.

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In today's market in this area, you cannot rely on luck to get you that perfect place for a great deal - you need to have an agent who knows the market cold, is aggressive, and effective - Susan is all of those things and more. I recently closed on a new... (more)


We loved working with Susan and Alex! They made it their personal mission to help us find a place that matched our needs and desires. They put in many (often last minute) hours of research, planning and negotiating on our behalf - all we had to do was show up... (more)


I can't imagine going through the home-buying process without Susan. She was with us every step of the way, from explaining our options at the very beginning to negotiating seller credits. She kept the process in motion so that we closed in about a month.... (more)

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