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5 elindse1

Susan is amazing. She worked with my husband and me over the course of six months for us to find our first condo. She’s available day and night, and doesn’t leave a stone unturned. She made sure that our condo was properly inspected, that we got a fair price, and that all repairs were made by closing. She even bought us cupcakes for our closing!!! I have already recommended Susan to other friends. She’s great.

5 zsquared

Very knowledgeable and friendly enough to help walk a first time home buyer through the whole process to find their new home.

5 Simone at home

Susan was an invaluable part of my new home purchase from beginning to end. She quickly understood what I liked, previewed properties and showed me homes that fit our criteria. She made herself extremely available through the process and worked with us through every aspect of the transaction. Susan was so much fun as an agent that she took the anxiety out of the home buying process. I would work with Susan again in a heartbeat.

5 udkovich

My girlfriend and I are both deaf and were truthfully hesistant in our search because past experience had suggested that the agent would be slow in e-mail/pen and paper correspondence which is our primary means of communication.

However, when we first met Susan, she was wonderful in accommodating our needs. Being the cynical selves that we are, we thought she would stop getting back to us promptly after we committed to her. Yet when we signed w/ her, she continued her excellent service even after we completed the purchase of our new house. When we received a strange bill from our homeowners insurance after a month in our new place, I sent Susan for advice and she replied several hours later w/ detailed advice.

That’s Susan for you all! If you want a responsible, committed, honest, and prompt agent, she’s the perfect agent for you.

5 carole B

Susan was phenomenal. She was so knowledgable about financing options, buying coOp units, preparing the offer, and suggestions for fixing up my investment property to rent. Right from the beginning, she was there to laugh with me, answer questions, provide guidance, and always her suggestions were wonderful! Susan is sooo responsive–pretty much 24-7. She made what could have been a difficult situation very easy to navigate. I couldn’t have bought my property without her, I’m sure. I recommend Susan VERY HIGHLY. She is a delight to work with.

5 Lisa.13

Susan has been great to work with! She understood exactly the type of home we wanted to buy and introduced us to some beautiful neighborhoods. She was very informative, patient and flexible during our home search.

5 BrandonJLinton

I really enjoyed working with Susan. She’s amazingly responsive, answering emails and sending updated at all hours of day and night. She actually went around over the Christmas holidays videoing places for me.

Susan gave me great advice, from what places to look at based on my preferences all the way through what I could expect from various sellers, negotiation tactics, and dealing with disappointment when some things didn’t work out.

Through it all, Susan was supportive, engaging, and fun. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy someplace to call home, and will be using her next time I move or decide to get an investment property.

5 homerehab77

Susan is wonderful, amazing, and spectacular!

We were lucky enough to stumble upon her as we began our search and she quickly became our real estate angel; guiding us through the process with ease. Entering into buying a home is a huge commitment that comes with a lot of questions, concerns, and uncertainty. Susan’s experience, honesty, and guidance was invaluable and quickly took our questions, concerns, and uncertainly and helped turn them into excitement, understanding, and certainty. We explored many options from buying older homes and rehabbing them into buying an already rehabbed home. Susan’s experience and eye for redesign were extremely helpful while we sorted through what was the best option for us. The first home we saw, Susan with her call-it-like-it-is honesty (which is INVALUABLE in this process), said, “you haven’t seen enough homes to know what a gem this one is”. And with patience, she helped us continue to look at homes. In the end, we never got that first house out of our hearts or heads, and now we are proud and excited to call it home! Susan knew before we did just how special that home was and how much it suited us! That is what makes Susan so special, her insight and experience combine to help you understand exactly what you want and she helps ensure you get it. She’s someone you can trust and rely on throughout such a nerve wracking process. She will always do what’s right for you, even at times when were willing to settle and pay more, she ensured we held out and got more money back during closing. You will have a blast house hunting with her and you can rest assured knowing that you have your very own real estate expert, rehab guru, house hunting angel, and professional and efficient negotiator.

5 risingtide

Susan Isaacs did a wonderful job for my very first home purchase. Upon meeting her at a house I wanted to tour, Susan was magnificent. In looking for a home, I originally had preconceived notions of what my first purchase would look like and feel like; however, Susan opened my eyes to the possibilities of upgrading a home that needed a little extra tlc.

When I finally became more open minded, Susan helped me find a great deal on a townhome in a desirable area within the DMV area. Not only that, but she did an excellent job in negotiating seller subsidies in the contract.

Her professionalism only matches her expertise as she was very kind and patient with me. She did a great job in understanding my first time buyer ignorance. She did an incredible job with getting documents for me to sign and making sure I knew what they meant!

I had so much fun with Susan while looking for a home, and I’ll definitely miss our house hunting adventures. She’s not just a realtor, but she is also a home inspection guru as well, making sure you don’t buy a “lipstick-coated” house!

Susan is definitely rated very high in my books and she will be the first person I call when I sell or get ready to buy another home!

5 tfharrod

Susan is simply AMAZING! I am a very picky buyer who never thought I would find a turn-key home in the DC/NOVA area that I could afford. Susan, however, proved me wrong 🙂

Good fortune brought her our way when we saw a nice looking home online. She steered us away from the “nicest home in the neighborhood”, immediately learned our tastes, analyzed our situation (small children, commute, pets, etc), and recommended a home to us. The recommended home turned out to be perfect, as is her service!

Susan is genuinely caring, smart, witty, savvy, and fun to be with. She’s an excellent professional and a wonderful person, who will always be welcome in our home! Without her, we’d still be renting and complaining. Instead, our children are in terrific schools, our neighborhood is inviting and safe, and our beautiful home has calmed our Gypsy spirit.

Kudos to Susan!!!

5 user3459658

After having such an excellent experience working with her to purchase my condo, I contacted Susan again when it came time to sell. That proved to be a very wise choice. Although the market was solid, our condo association buildings were seeing almost no movement. For a while, it appeared that I would be unable to sell. However, following Susan’s expert advice on everything from staging and marketing (her savvy led to the unit being picked up by not one but *two* leading real estate blogs!) to pricing, I at last had a buyer. I thought that the hard part was over, when really it was just beginning. The deal almost fell apart at many points, but it was saved by Susan’s incomparable instincts and negotiating savvy. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she did the work of both buyer’s and seller’s agent, spotting and solving problems using a powerful combination of intuition and experience. She even brought her impressive professional network to bear on one problem to such great effect that the buyer’s lender gave me – the seller – a credit for costs accrued because of the lender’s incompetence. When does that ever happen?!?! After this transaction, I would never buy or sell without an agent: there is simply no substitute for the expertise of a professional like Susan. I no longer live in her business area, but if I did, I would return to her again for any real estate transaction. You will not find a better agent or advocate.

5 user632090

I can’t imagine going through the home-buying process without Susan. She was with us every step of the way, from explaining our options at the very beginning to negotiating seller credits. She kept the process in motion so that we closed in about a month. Susan has a great personality: she is knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive–she got back to us immediately to answer any of our questions at any hour. Even as first-time homebuyers who could be somewhat indecisive at times, she understood what we were looking for in a home, didn’t hesitate to answer our questions and always had our best interests in mind. Her warm, welcoming attitude and confident guidance really took the stress out of a process that, before we met Susan, we had assumed would be overwhelming and beyond our reach. But it all worked out more smoothly than we ever thought possible. Hands down, we attribute the ease of the process, and the excellent condo we now call home, to Susan and her hard work and commitment!

5 user792800

In today’s market in this area, you cannot rely on luck to get you that perfect place for a great deal – you need to have an agent who knows the market cold, is aggressive, and effective – Susan is all of those things and more. I recently closed on a new condo and Susan was my agent. She was superb! Even when curve balls were thrown, Susan knew exactly how to handle them.

Susan has a way of making you feel like you are her only client. She gives you her full attention at all times. In person, she is attentive and remotely she is highly responsive – answering emails even in the wee hours of the night. No question is too simple and no concern is too small.

Weeks AFTER my close she is still helping me – everything from interior decorating ideas (check out her Idea Book on!) to tips on cleaning an electric stovetop.

I hold Susan in the highest regard as a realtor. Bottom line: You will be hard pressed to find anyone who will work as hard for you as Susan Isaacs.

5 user577397

As a first time home buyer and young professional in Washington, DC, the mere concept of going through the process of purchasing a home was daunting, if not petrifying. Susan’s wonderful attitude, expert advice, work ethic, and extensive experience in the Greater Washington Area quelled any fears I had about purchasing my first condo. She walked me through each step of the process, from becoming pre-qualified for a loan program, searching for a place, inspection, closing, and anything and everything that came up in between. Her incredible attention to detail and extremely fast response times were impressive, and made me feel like she truly cared about my needs. She provided honest, direct, logical responses to any questions I posed, no matter how ridiculous. Had it not been for Susan’s remarkable qualities and skills as a real estate agent, I don’t know that I would’ve been truly comfortable moving forward with the purchase of my first place.

I’ve been living in the condo for a week now and could not be happier! I owe it all to Susan, and certainly plan on referring her to others in the future. You will not be disappointed with her service.

5 ChrisHamilton0

As a native of DC, I finally moved back downtown into a rental after having lived and owned homes in Alexandria for nearly 18 years. We were ready to buy and looking for a home where everyone else seems to want to live – in the popular and thriving Dupont, Logan, U Street, Shaw, Bloomingdale, Le Droit, and Eckington crescent. In doing research online I kept running into to Susan Isaacs blog and web sites. She seemed to know everyone and have the freshest info on the latest boutique renovations, development projects status, news on local builders and trends. And she always seemed to be a step ahead of everyone else. Her web site would list tentative listing prices and have floor plans when no one else, including the builders, did. So when it came time to choose an agent I reached out to Susan without knowing her.

She immediately reached back and agreed to help us in our search. We were so glad she did! Right from the start we felt like we in good hands and being taken well care of. Having never bought new construction before we didn’t know what to expect but Susan and her bright, young protégé Alex were there for us every step of the way. They took the time to understand what we wanted and could afford. They made it easy and pain free. She helped us find financing (although we ended up using the builder’s chosen agent), an inspector and she negotiated a great contract. We got things I’m sure other new units didn’t get. And even though the final settlement took place 4 months after we signed the contract, Susan kept in constant contact with updates, reminders of what needed to be done next and reassurance that all was well. And she got things done with the builders/selling agents by being tough, fair and forthright. No games.

I often told Susan it was fun to stand back and watch her work. Her skill, knowledge and professionalism are remarkable. And most importantly, she always had our back. The whole process was a delight because Susan Isaacs made it so.

5 user2835623

Where do I start to describe my experience with Susan Isaacs? When looking for a place to live in DC in 2009, I felt overwhelmed. I came across Susan’s website and as a test of the waters sent her an email. She responded immediately and impressed me with her patience (I was a new home buyer) and almost super-natural ability to find the perfect place for me despite some significant constraints (time, location, finances). I was not an easy case, but she never made me feel like I was a ‘burden’ or ‘not her first priority’. Above all, she treated me with respect and honesty.

I will never know exactly how much work went on behind the scenes–the back-and-forth with the property’s developer, the seller’s agent, my loan officer, the appraiser and home inspector, and so on–over the following weeks but I never felt out of the loop. I would receive daily updates on the status of each moving part, as well as contingencies if the unexpected–quite common in DC–would happen. In fact, I received emails from both the seller’s agent and my loan officer about how they had never worked with anyone as prepared and thorough as Susan. Even after closing, she would drop me an occasional note to see how things were going. And it was this mix of professionalism and personal touch that had me going straight back to Susan when I had to sell my place. There was no hesitation or second guessing.

The sale of my condo went much more smoothly. Within 48 hours of the listing, I received three offers, two of which were above list price. That’s called Getting Results, but they didn’t happen by accident. Susan had a vision of the ideal buyer right from the start and, along with Alex, an energetic addition to Team Isaacs, they designed and executed their plan to perfection. Again, the results speak volumes and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I got lucky. Very, very lucky. However, you don’t need luck. You need Susan and Alex Isaacs.

5 MichelleH22

We loved working with Susan and Alex! They made it their personal mission to help us find a place that matched our needs and desires. They put in many (often last minute) hours of research, planning and negotiating on our behalf – all we had to do was show up for property viewings, contract signings, and finally for the closing on our beautiful new condo in Logan Circle!

They really had our backs from day one, and no question or request went unanswered. The process was really a pleasant experience. For over a month we saw only Susan and Alex – but we couldn’t complain because they are really a joy to be around and they kept us on track to finding a new home.

We didn’t know whether to trust all of the positive reviews (because there are so many!) but in this case they are spot on. There is little more to add, so just do yourself a favor and work with Susan and Alex.

5 user6548344

I absolutely loved working with Susan. This was my first time buying, and I was really nervous, but she walked me through every step of the process. She negotiated an amazing deal for my condo, and I’m completely in love with where I have my home! Furthermore, she didn’t abandon me as soon as I settled. There were some issues with the building, and she continued to help me after I was moved in. When the time comes to sell and buy another home, I will definitely be enlisting Susan again!

5 user5739303

This was my first time buying a home, and I’ve now been in my condo for a little over a month. I’ll start by saying I’m extremely happy with my home so far. It fits my personality very well and I purchased probably one of the best places I could have in my budget and the location I was looking for.

I found Susan through her website, which had more information about the DC market than any other I came across. What impressed me most about Susan was without a doubt her knowledge of real estate in DC and her hard work ethic. She helped make this process for me much easier than it would have been on my own and I learned a lot from her.

You know right away that she’s working for you. She really loves her job you can tell, and she works very hard to make sure you find what you’re looking for. I had her running around like crazy in the beginning taking me to all the places I wanted to see just to make sure I looked at all my options. If it were me on the other side I would have been tired, but Susan not for a minute showed any frustration with me. I never felt uncomfortable at all working with Susan, and I never felt like she was pushing me to make a decision, which was really important to me. Like most other first time home buyers I’m sure, I had a million questions throughout this process. Susan was very patient and always had valuable input. She would get back to me with answers right away even late at night.

I purchased a new construction home, and Susan was exceedingly helpful in her insight. Because the demand is so high in DC for good places, she helped me be aggressive enough to beat the crowds to get in the right place at the right time. There were so many things she told me about new construction that I would have never known. Leading up to my closing, she helped me organize all the things I needed to do. I probably sounded like a broken record…”Susan, what do I need to do next…do I really need a home inspection…why do I need title insurance?”. She was always there for me to answer my questions; she always showed up on time and on my side for all of my appointments.

I highly recommend Susan to you. She is very professional, hard working, and is passionate about making sure you get the home you will love. Now I’m asking her for home decorating tips :-).

5 cicc44

Susan is specatcular to work with, she knows the area and went above and beyond our expectations on assisting us find our first home. Susan was great at negotiating the price we settled on and answered every email and phone call we had. She walked us through the entire process and answered all of our questions along the way.

5 user2221094

Overall, incredibly impressed and satisfied with the service, knowledge, support, responsiveness, and sense of humor that the Issacs team brought to my home selling and buying experience.

Susan Isaacs was solid and committed from my first email inquiry to which she responded to in less than 20 minutes on a Sunday afternoon, right through to the settlement date to which she and Alex accompanied me and brought a thoughtful, personalized new home gift.

Throughout the process, I appreciated and respected the information, guidance, and resources that the Isaacs team provided. In the end, I utilized the Isaacs team recommendations and referrals for my mortgage company; home repair/improvement contractor; professional cleaning service; City Stash storage services; home inspection; and moving company and received professional, high quality, reasonably and competitively priced services from all. The time saver and stress-relief this brought to a very complicated and multi-faceted process cannot be understated. At no point did I feel pressured and I was confident that my best interests were being respected and represented at every step. Susan is incredibly energetic, competent, intelligent, articulate, and thorough – everything you want from someone you are entrusting to help you navigate the significant personal and financial investment that selling and buying a new home represents.

From beginning to end, a very positive and successful experience and even more remarkable when the entire timeframe from initial consultation to settlement for both the staging, marketing, and sale of my then current home to the search, contract and settlement of my new place took place in less than seven weeks.

I’ve been in my new place for approximately three weeks now and I absolutely love it!

HIGHLY recommend the Isaacs team!

5 pjsbays

I purchased my first condo with Susan, and although I had my heart set on one in particular, she showed me some very attractive comparables throughout DC that got me thinking. Although we ended up on the initial condo I selected, I felt very confident in our decision based on Susan’s knowledge of the area and evaluation of each property. When it came down to the process of closing, Susan had to walk a very thin line between my incessant demands and the reluctant developers, but she was a very professional and always knew how to translate my requests to the other side in a manner that proved delicate yet urgent. Susan also recommended a very thorough inspector to perform my inspection. The condo I purchased was new construction, and as such, following the inspection there were a number of minor and a few major issues to be addressed that she made sure were resolved. Following the eventual close, Susan has since followed up on a number of my requests and forwarded them along to the realtor representing the developers and all issues have been addressed or are pending. I would highly recommend Susan as another’s buyer broker, and I would definitely want her on my side for every such future transaction.

5 user9510965

Susan is the best realtor we have ever used. She helped us find a new condo in DC. We live out of town, and Susan was very responsive to our shhedule. She is obsessive about follow up and returning email. She also knows the ins and outs of DC condos, and is not swayed by the BS a developer will feed you. Most importantly for is, Susan is not a “yes man” who is only concerned about the sale. If she feels you are making a mistake or overlooking something she won’t hesitate to push back. In the end, we found the perfect DC condo for our needs.

5 user5604453

We recently closed on our purchase of a fabulous condo in the 14th Street and U Street corridors. Our buyer’s agents, Susan Isaacs and her partner Alex, did an outstanding job of helping us understand what we wanted and getting us ready to make competitive offers on great properties. Our search was made difficult by living out of town. We quickly learned that condos in areas we wanted (DuPont/Logan/U Street) sell very quickly. We made several “emergency” trips down to see new listings. Susan and Alex worked seamlessly together to show us the properties and provide thorough market research on each one, allowing us to make a fast decision. When we decided to make an offer, Susan recommended effective strategies that balanced getting the property with getting a good deal. As it turned out, her negotiation and offer strategy saved us a significant amount of money. It was always clear that Susan and Alex were representing our interests. Through all the ups and downs Susan was always positive and fun to work with. Her enthusiasm for the city and the hunt were obvious. We were fortunate to work with her and Alex.

5 chaffee009

My buying experience was fantastic with Susan and Alex. One of the main things I wanted was someone who was knowledgeable about the DC market as I was only vaguely familiar with the many areas. Susan knew everything down to individual buildings, what separated one from another, and which ones were likely to have issues. She got me into the place I ended up buying a day before it was officially on the market! She is incredibly responsive and clearly has a passion for this business. Highly recommended!

5 ksansom2

My husband and I loved working with Susan and Alex. This was my 9th real estate purchase but the first time that I have used The Isaacs Team. They were the best agents I have worked with and I can not accurately describe how impressed we were! They were amazing and extremely detailed. They went over and above for us in neighborhood research, service, and contract negotiations. I found them to be extremely responsive, always available, and 100% competitent in their knowledge of the markets they serve. I was really impreseed by their extensive knowledge of the real estate contract. I must say that I was increadibly impressed with Susan and Alex. They made the process easy and held our hands through difficult negotiations. I will be their client for life!

5 caren yglesias

We expected an extremely stressful experience when we decided to sell our home of over 25 years and buy a condo, especially because we live nearly 3000 miles away, and yet the Isaacs Team was beyond exceptional in their competent guidance, attention to detail, follow through, and simply doing what they said they would do. While other realtors said, “this is what you need to do;” this team said, “we can do this for you!” Our process was smooth and quick, and they designed a strategy and negotiated a sale well above our asking price; and a purchase price below asking – both in the same market. They are also a pleasure to work with in every respect. Please know that you can turn this difficult personal event over to true professionals and emerge with happy results and fast friends. We highly recommend this team in every regard.

5 knbigel

We were referred to the Isaacs team by family who used them to buy a condo in DC last year. They raved about the experience, and the Isaacs team did not disappoint! At the start both Susan and Alex took the time to sit with us and really assess what we were looking for, as well as walk us through the process as first time homebuyers, what we could expect and how to temper our expectations for what we’re looking for. Alex worked very closely with us to assess a number of properties over the course of a marathon weekend they call “Condopalooza”. They assisted us in finding our dream home, as well as navigating the negotiating process to give us the best opportunity to take it in this very tight, aggressive sellers market. From the moment we met until the moment we signed the last of the papers, Susan and Alex were there for us! We couldn’t be happier with the Isaacs team!

5 user05230539

I listed a Logan Circle condo for sale with Metrohagents and could not have been more pleased with the experience. From my very first contact, Susan was consistently responsive to emails and calls. Susan and Alex got the condo ready for listing in the midst of a snowstorm, working tirelessly to make sure everything was ready to go for listing. They kept me updated on marketing efforts and visits to the unit, and we received multiple offers in a very short period of time. The excellent service continued after we went under contract, when Susan worked tirelessly through the process to make sure the sale closed. We experienced an unusual hiccup with the management company that compromised the buyer’s financing and Susan worked non-stop with both the lending company and the management company to ensure the problem was resolved and we were still able close on the unit. I cannot say enough how pleased I was with Metrohagents and I would highly recommend them!

5 EvyFellas

Susan and Alex were fantastic in helping me secure my first US property. I am not from the US and therefore knew very little of the process, they were great in explaining everything and were always on top of things, taking care of everything so I didn’t need to worry. They got me in to see the house I ended up getting before anyone else had a chance to view it, so that I was able to view and make an offer before the open house! Along the way, I had lots of set backs, no fault of mine or theirs, but Susan and Alex were always on top of everything, one step ahead and always came to me with solutions- so that in fact the situation that could have been a bad one turned out pretty fantastically for me and I managed to secure a great home at a great price! They know their stuff, went out of their way to make sure I got a home I would love and provided a service nothing short of excellent. I wish there were six stars, if there were, I would award them all! I highly recommend!

5 kstatham9

Susan and Alex Isaacs were total pros in guiding me through the process of buying my first home. I was truly impressed with their local area knowledge and negotiating skills. As the buyer in the transaction, they effectively and aggressively represented my interests in purchasing a FSBO home. They communicated with me frequently and clearly, and I could not be more pleased with how the process played out. I would recommend Susan and Alex to any of my family and friends.

5 chaudhrx

I highly recommend The Isaacs Team! I came across them while researching new development projects for condos and at a time when I was frustrated DC market. I was convinced I wasn’t going to find anything for me in DC. Fortunately, Susan and Alex helped me out and in a number of ways through home purchase process. Even when I made the mistake of moving forward with a place against Susan’s advice she and Alex helped me get out of it. They were both attuned to what I wanted and found me a new home that I absolutely love in a location that I love. I almost lost out in securing a condo in a new construction building due to demand; condos were just starting to be released to the public. Fortunately, Susan knew the developers and was able to work something out so that I could purchase one of the only condos within my price range. When we were weeks within the settlement dates but nothing confirmed and my apartment lease was about to end I thought I was going to have to put my stuff in a storage unit and sleep on a friend’s couch. Again, Susan was able to get me a pre-settlement agreement so, I could move my stuff into my new unit and before my apartment lease ended. Also, when I wasn’t having any luck finding a movers due to short-notice and a busy moving season, Susan was able to refer me to a moving company and help me out. In addition, Susan was quick to respond to my questions and concerns throughout the process which was also very helpful, especially as a new home buyers. I am absolutely grateful for their help. I’ve shared the stories with friends and family about the woes of the home purchasing process and they unanimously agree that Susan and Alex have gone above and beyond what most agents would do for their clients.

5 ERych

The Isaacs team came recommended to us from friends who had purchased a condo in DC. At the initial meeting, we walked through our wish list and they answered our numerous questions about home buying in DC. As first time home buyers, we were unaware of the quickness and competitiveness of the DC market, but Susan and Alex were extremely helpful in navigating the buying process. As we looked in DC and Alexandria for a new home, our preference for location and home type changed, and they immediately responded with new ideas and attentiveness to our change in taste. This led us to successfully get our dream home! Their experience and know-how was evident with each step of the process, from the initial meeting, to recommending and showing properties, to making an offer. We feel extremely lucky to have found them, and will certainly look to them again should we decide to be on the other side of the sale! Thank you Isaacs team!!

5 tjfitzvt

I am extremely happy I worked with The Isaacs Team. I had my sights set on a particular property and had to move very quickly, which would not have been possible without their knowledge and expertise. As a first time home buyer, I was not familiar with the logistics of purchasing a home but Susan & Alex always seemed to be ahead of the curve to better position myself and provide helpful insight during all steps of the process. They made the home buying process simple and were fun to work with along the way – I would highly recommend The Isaacs Team to my friends and family. Thanks Susan & Alex!

5 adrplf

Susan and Alex are amazing! After a bad experience with another agent left us in a very tough position, they turned everything around. They did a thorough evaluation of the property, offered expert advice and helped to prepare the condo for sale. They also supervised improvements to the property. Susan and Alex worked very hard, used local connections and communicated with us well. Despite the tough August market, we sold in less than 2 weeks. We highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a competent local agent, with knowledge of the market and a great work ethic.

5 yzheng1

It was a great pleasure working with Susan and Alex Isaacs to purchase my first home. I have been very impressed by their knowledge of the DC real estate market, and their incredible (almost 24/7) responsiveness to requests. In addition to patiently answering numerous questions, they always offered candid feedback on the properties we toured. Now thinking back I’m really glad that I followed Susan’s advice step by step, which allowed for quick actions taken to secure a condo I like. I would recommend the Isaacs team to anyone who is interested in buying in DC.

5 user9325820

We very much enjoyed working with Susan and Alex. In 2014, the Isaacs team helped us successfully navigate the D.C. real estate market as first time homebuyers when we bought a rowhouse in the Dupont Circle area. Alex was very thorough in showing us many different listings and options and, after we identified the one we loved, Susan did a great job in negotiating with the seller. Three years later after deciding to re-locate to the west coast, we had the Isaacs team help us sell the property and they delivered again by having a great sense of the competition and staging our property in a way that really connected with the new buyer’s style. We recommend Susan and Alex for anyone looking for a very dedicated team with a thorough understanding of the market dynamics in D.C.

5 user3532532

Susan and Alex are amazing. They were so much better than any other realtor I’ve worked with it’s almost unfair. Not only did they find my dream home, but they made the process really easy and helped every step of the way. They have even been helpful after closing and checked in several times to see how I’m doing. I will never use another realtor in the DC area!

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In today's market in this area, you cannot rely on luck to get you that perfect place for a great deal - you need to have an agent who knows the market cold, is aggressive, and effective - Susan is all of those things and more. I recently closed on a new... (more)


We loved working with Susan and Alex! They made it their personal mission to help us find a place that matched our needs and desires. They put in many (often last minute) hours of research, planning and negotiating on our behalf - all we had to do was show up... (more)


I can't imagine going through the home-buying process without Susan. She was with us every step of the way, from explaining our options at the very beginning to negotiating seller credits. She kept the process in motion so that we closed in about a month.... (more)

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